New romance Taylor swift with beautiful Joe is developing rapidly

Новый роман Тейлор Свифт с красавчиком Джо развивается стремительно
The boyfriend singer introduced her to his parents.

Новый роман Тейлор Свифт с красавчиком Джо развивается стремительно

Taylor Swift


Joe Elvin


Popular singer Taylor swift just crazy about her new Beau — a handsome young actor
Joe Alvin. Although their romance began not so long ago, swift has insisted that he
introduced her to his parents! About it reported the Internet-the edition с

As reported reporter,
27-year-old swift flew from America to Britain, where he lives by himself and Alvin, and his parents
for the last week. For a start, they traveled a little bit home country
Joe, the weekend decided to stay with his mom and dad. Incidentally, it is quite
could spend this Sunday with your own parents, because in
this day in the U.S. celebrated Father’s Day. However, for swift, apparently
turned out to be much more important to be
presented father and mother Joe.

According to the informant
the publication, the singer loved father and mother of the young man. They even
I made it for her lunch, which consisted of traditional English
dishes to meet Taylor with the British customs…

Incidentally, although swift and
Alvin started Dating only last fall, their romance develops
extremely swiftly. It already
introduced him to all your friends. Moreover, according to the London
realtors, Taylor is already actively looking for a house in Chelsea to
to settle near London mansion Joe.

Recall that to Alvin at
Swift has been a whirlwind romance with actor Tom Hiddleston. In the first half of the last
years they were constantly seen together, and the lovers are not shy
to show their feelings in public. However, in August of 2016 they
suddenly broke up…