Singer barbarian conquered original sound deer

Певицу Варвару покорил самобытный звук марала
Ethno-singer first visited the Altai Republic.

Певицу Варвару покорил самобытный звук марала

Singer Barbara returned from a tour around the Altai region, where
visited for the first time, impressed by the beauty of local nature and

“Cave paintings, caves, mountain winding river — complete
the feeling that this magical terrain kissed by the Lord himself, says
Barbara — A monument to Vasily Makarovich Shukshin was impressed
makes me shiver. How many great people gave the country to the Altai! Vasily Shukshin, Robert Rozhdestvensky, Gherman Titov! We stopped in a variety of
authentic villages. At some point I realized that there remained
the real history and culture.

Певицу Варвару покорил самобытный звук марала

Певицу Варвару покорил самобытный звук марала

In the resort area of spring, Barbara acted directly on the lake
A Large Spring. Here every year come to rest and treated thousands of people with
the whole of Russia and Neighboring countries. Concerts artist with great success
held in Belokurikha and entertainment complex of the Altai Palace, and ended the tour in Barnaul, where she
performed at the Central square and together with the audience sang all-time favourites
folk songs. Apart from concerts, the barbarian participated in the project “Listen to the Altai” and
discovered the sounds of nature of this region. The project, created as part of the Year
environment, includes sounds of animals and birds inhabiting the region, as well as
the sounds of nature. The artist particularly liked the melodic and distinctive sound of red deer animal family, which is associated with many legends of the Altai.

“The idea seemed wonderful, — says Barbara. — It is very
noble purpose — to draw attention not only to the region but also to its wealth
animal world, nature, and ecology. I’d love to keep all of it as
the whole nature of Russia, because it is unique and unrepeatable.”

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