Paul Priluchny told what the police were after him

Павел Прилучный рассказал, за что его разыскивала полиция
The actor was involved in a dangerous story.

Paul Priluchny

Photo: “7 Days”

Priluchny, who was always brave young man who shared an interesting
a story that happened to him in childhood. In the framework of the flashmob, arranged
actors of the film “Life ahead”, the actor remembered how him around the district
chased by the police, for which he was looking for, and what the outcome of the case.

I went with the sports school of the school by their school. Are our boys, I have
said, “Boys, what are you doing?” — “What do we do? Windows beat!” He takes the stone,
“crack!” and disappears, — says Paul.
— Suddenly the alarm screamed, ran out the guard with the Director. I also want them
to escape. I was young, I was about 10-11. The other would be left, he said “no, it’s
not me, those guys ran.” But I also bobertal, and everyone thought I
guilty. I ran into some house, remained till evening. Then came
the police who looked for me all over the area came to my house.
Of course, as I came home, I was punished. I endured and said nothing.
Then the next day I took the boys from sports schools, we found these guys…
that moment to me in the school is become different: that is because I
no one passed, whether because the guys went to the hospital. Be honest