Новые оскорбления Басты вынудили Децла подать в суд Rap artists continue to make trouble in social networks. Decl filed a lawsuit, demanding to compensate moral damages for insult Basta. Vasily Vakulenko does not refuse the words to the colleagues.
Новые оскорбления Басты вынудили Децла подать в суд

Scandal between rapper Basta and Declan began at the end of 2016. Sparring on social networks have arisen after the executor of hits “Party” and “the Letter” complained about the noise from the club Gazgolder, which belongs to Vasily Vakulenko. Basta called Cyril Tolmatskogo “hairy dick”. For that star of the 2000s, filed for a colleague to court and won the case. However, this trial is not over.

In a new lawsuit Decl needs to recover from Vakulenko four million rubles as compensation of moral harm for the posts on the Internet. On the page of the owner of the label Gazgolder has a record in which he stated that the performer is a hermaphrodite.

“I wrote that rumor has it that Cyril Tolmatskogo – hermaphrodite. Requires a medical certificate that he does not have both male and female reproductive organs,” said Basta.
Новые оскорбления Басты вынудили Децла подать в суд

In addition, Twitter Vakulenko previously, there was a post in which he compared the rapper and a Redwood donkey. “This photo was published in response to the ongoing attacks by Kirill Tolmatsky in my side and towards my colleagues. He is constantly in interviews, Facebook in talks somehow about me, my music and my friends,” said Basta.

According to Basil, Decl parasite on their creative Association, avoiding negative evaluations and unethical statements, and also sets the wrong tone in their communication on the Internet. However Tolmatsky is not going to forgive attacks on colleagues.

The rapper believes that that’s caused him emotional distress and defamed his reputation. In addition, the contractor requires “to recognize the disseminated information not corresponding to reality”. Later, the lawyer decl, Roman Lalayan, commented on the words Vakulenko.

“This phrase is just bad manners limit, and the consequences of addiction that cannot be considered”, – said the lawyer.

We will remind, earlier Tolmatskogo managed to recover from Vakulenko moral damages in the amount of 50 thousand rubles. The meeting was held in Rostov-on-don on 7 December 2016. “Examination conducted by the parties during the trial, and his decision, confirmed the fact of abuse, even considering the fact that a party of Vasily Vakulenko false information,” reads the Manifesto on the protection of honor, mounted on the Twitter page decl.