Ксения Бородина скрывает подробности шикарного отдыха с семьей The presenter spends time abroad with her husband and children. Ksenia Borodina published in the microblog spectacular footage from the long-awaited vacation. Fans of the star wondering where this time she is on holidays.
Ксения Бородина скрывает подробности шикарного отдыха с семьей

Without waiting for sun and good weather in Moscow, Kseniya Borodina hastened to fly abroad. Celebrity diverted away from the bustle of the capital in the company of the relatives and the husband of the Eid and children: Marusya, lobster and Thea. Star family swimming in the pool, sunbathing and having fun in their apartment. However, about where it went to rest unchallenged leading “House-2” Ksenia said.

“We don’t give up. If the summer has not come to us, we go where the summer”.

Subscribers brunette left her hundreds of messages on Instagram, wanting to know where to spend time favorite. Some of them suggested that Borodin deliberately does not specify the location, to the fans, who happened to be nearby, did not break up the family reunion of a celebrity.

“Ksenia, please tell us where you spend your vacation?”, “Xenia, why not put the geolocation? All your loving fans are very curious how and where is your vacation!”, “Well, why should she say where she’s resting? This is the essence of relaxation – not to be distracted by strangers and enjoy the wonderful company. Although, to be honest, I am also curious where I went to these Peeps! Maybe Xue later inside us tells us the truth? We can’t torment her with questions,” write concerned.

Interestingly, from the pictures, where Borodin posing in swimsuit, subscribers were delighted. They noted what great shape is their favorite. TV showgirl posing for the photographer in wet pink swimsuit lying on a inflatable duck. Striking a pose emphasizes the toned body of a young woman.

Some followers saw uploaded the figure of the brunette recalled a recent story in which Xenia was attributed to pregnancy. They said that now all indifferent to this subject can rest in the picture is seen a completely flat belly of a star. Itself Ksenia on this subject has already been expressed – she explained to fans that he is in an interesting position.

“Guys, you do not understand, that I’m too thin, is credited with the pregnancy, the abdomen spotted some. You’ll have to determine, and your advice to eat the beginning, maybe not worth it, and you’ll have to choose something thick, then thin, then pregnant, other conditions are not easy. And already journalists are attacking directly with this question, you better work ultrasound. But the blood did not show pregnancy, only recently handed over, checked their health. Maybe the blood lie, you know better than that,” wrote a leading.