Иван Телегин увез Пелагею в романтическое путешествие The singer has a rest abroad in the company of the elect. Internet proved to be a rare shot Pelagia with a loved one. The couple enjoy each other’s company and have fun in Italy. Fans were happy to learn about the leisure of idols.
Иван Телегин увез Пелагею в романтическое путешествие

Pelagia is considered to be perhaps one of the most secretive celebrities of Russian show-business. A young woman leads pages on social networks, rarely gives interviews and always away from questions about his personal life. Perhaps that is why devotees are so happy when they hear news about the leisure idol.

A friend of Aziz, the singer shared with the subscribers of his microblog rare the Pelagia with her husband. 25-year-old hockey player Ivan Telegin took his beloved to Italy, to Florence. Judging by the happy face of the blonde, the rest goes on top. Young parents wore straw hats to not make the head under the scorching sun. The photo was taken on the observation deck of one of the local attractions.

Иван Телегин увез Пелагею в романтическое путешествие

It is not surprising that the frame of the star couple immediately flew to the communities dedicated to wringing. Fans of the actress have admitted that he was upset about the removal of the idol from the social network. They noted that the woman had time to sunbathe and literally glows with happiness.

“What cats”, “Fields beauty!”, “Is that really them! As long there was no news and interviews”, “Ahh, I love this image! As always, at the height of Pelagia”, “Now I want to Florence! Very happy to know that they are so cool together spend the holidays. Sorry, do not spread and do not show,” said fans.

It is worth noting that the famous couple was most recently in several trips – wife visited Cologne and Paris, where in may passed the world championship on hockey. The second halves of many athletes went abroad to give moral support to them. In the same way he entered and Pelagia. Then the fans once again noted large and real feelings of the artist to the chosen one. She did not hesitate, jumped, shouted and cheered for Ivan.

However, had married a small daughter is unclear. We will remind that the girl was born in January of this year and, according to blonde, changed her life for the better. She also admitted that some classes of heir given to her hard. As it turned out, the most difficult for her are daily walks.

“I’m a lazy mother – admitted Pelagia. The hard part for me now is to walk with Taisiya through the woods. The snow came down, the word is out and sticks to the wheels of the stroller. I know that other mothers just put cradles with the children in the balcony, but I have no balcony, so you have to walk every day for two hours. And I’m very lazy,” said Pelagia.