New photo daughter Julia Kovalchuk disappointed fans

Новое фото дочки Юлии Ковальчук разочаровало фанатов
The singer congratulated the mother on the holiday.

Photo: @juliakovalchuk Instagram Yulia Kovalchuk

Julia Kovalchuk for the first time became a mother for more than a month ago, and the singer has not yet presented to the fans of the daughter and did not disclose the name of the baby. Fans of the actress are all waiting for from her the details of happy changes in her life. How is she coping with the baby? On a diet so quickly returned to form? As far as the husband’s support helped her during childbirth? Who chose the child’s room design? The fans seem to have accumulated hundreds of questions, but Julia is in no hurry to answer them.

Today in the microblog Julia had posted a photo of her little daughter. Touching on the story of photos again brought fans disappointment. Kovalchuk once again chose to publish the picture, which can not see the face of my daughter. “All maloletki world — health to You! You and your kids. All the warmth and tenderness of the world!” — congratulated the subscribers with Julia mothers day.

Not so long ago, by the way, Kovalchuk has celebrated its 35th anniversary. Home party were invited only the closest friends of the artist. “For the first time in many years, all mine are so faded that I first decided not to celebrate the birthday, have not posted any pictures (new just no time to do) and was happy just from the fact that the most important gift in my life came exactly a month ago. But my husband and parents fraudulent a surprise by pulling me out of the house and forced to fly for joy from the feeling of being wanted! And a huge thank you to each person who at this day remembered me, called, wrote to my fan club thousands of words of congratulations!”, — spoke about the day Julia.