Alla Pugacheva commented on the alarming rumors about his health

Алла Пугачева прокомментировала тревожные слухи о своем здоровье
The diva confessed why he decided to marry Maxim Galkin.

Alla Pugacheva and Makism Galkin children Lisa and Harry

Photo: @buinovofficial Instagram

A week ago Alla Pugacheva and Maxim Galkin got married with the suburban temple. The ceremony was modest: it was attended by only close friends of the couple and members of numerous star of the family. After it became known about the event, the media began to report about the deadly disease Diva. Allegedly, 68-year-old singer is seriously ill, so decided after six years of marriage with Galkin to bind the Union in heaven.

Alla Borisovna in a hurry to calm excited fans. She stated that she attributed to her near-death experience does not correspond to reality. The couple were married for the sake of the children: Lisa and Harry — that’s the whole secret. “This is a deliberate step, finally not spontaneous like that. For the children, for a husband who the first time round. This is for me a very important step. But this sacrament, and a lot of talking about it I’m not going. In General, marriages are made in heaven!” — Pugacheva confessed in the show “You wouldn’t believe.”

Interestingly, the theme of the wedding Alla Pugacheva many of her fans is still in doubt. After all, the first Diva not only got married to Philip Kirkorov, but thrice divorced. This, according to many fans, had become the decisive argument to deny the prima Donna in the conduct of the sacraments.