Jennifer Lawrence is leaving Hollywood because of the failure of the novel

Дженнифер Лоуренс покидает Голливуд из-за неудачного романа
The actress is going to leave the village

Jennifer Lawrence and Darren Aronofsky


days 27-year-old Jennifer Lawrence disappointed his many fans:
the actress said that she wants to leave the cinema! When Jennifer asked about what
role in the future she dreams of, her response was completely unexpected.

can you tell what I dream: to buy somewhere in the depths of the farm to do
breeding, for example, goats. Yes, I would like to have goats!” said

As explained by the actress, she never felt “urban
girl”. “I grew up 15 minutes from a large farm, where he bred horses. And I
ran there every day…” — said Jennifer. Well, my free from the goats
time, as told to Lawrence, she would like to dedicate to charity and different
kind of “activism”, including the struggle for women’s rights.

fans of the actress decided that she was just tired. Because for
the last seven years, the actress starred no less than three films per year. And now could afford an “early retirement”. It
could afford it: because, according to reports, she has managed over
his career to earn 110 million dollars. And her ambition, too, was
satisfied: their 27 years, she was four times nominated for the highest
the prize Award — the “Oscar”, and once in 2013, she proudly claimed gilded
the statue to his home.

some of the fans of the actress believes that the decision of the actress is not connected with fatigue,
and with the bitter disappointment caused by the collapse of her affair with Director Darren
Aronofsky, about parting with which was known. After all, Jennifer, in her confession, was otchayanno in love with Aronofsky and built in respect of his serious plans for the future.