Nelly Ermolaeva justified for a luxurious lifestyle

Нелли Ермолаева оправдалась за роскошный образ жизни Eks-the participant “Houses-2” explained how she got the money. According to Nelly Ermolaeva, anyone can afford to travel abroad and buy expensive cars, if you make the effort.

      Many users of social networks have often wondered how Nelly Ermolaeva manage so often to go to rest, to make expensive purchases and to invest huge sums of money in their appearance. Eks-the participant “Houses-2” often is the envy on the part of followers by posting photos from vacations on the Islands and on the background of luxury cars. According to the celebrity, it was originally designed to make good money, so make the maximum effort to achieve your goal.

      “Today my husband has the opportunity to travel quite a lot. Many people is angry, and I write: “How can you relax when somewhere children are starving?”. Yes, but first, I help the needy, just not conceited about it. And secondly, this is my life, and I sought it. I went through insane hardships, worked hard. What prevents you to build the same life? Excuses like “You just got lucky”, “You so-and-so, and I can’t do it” is nonsense”, – said Ermolaev.

      As Nelly says, even on telestroke she was actively working. In the framework of the project “Dom-2” celebrity has opened a beauty salon. According to the girl, she wanted to show the audience that the participants of reality show can work. Now Ermolaeva continues to inspire people to improve themselves.

      “I like to please their fans, to encourage them by their example to inspire some actions. I’m a simple girl from Samara, who without any certainty left for Moscow, fought stereotypes. People said that nothing would come of it, but I did. The tale of Cinderella. And today I have a huge opportunity to educate people, something to give them, not just to show off: “Look how cool I am,” explained the striking brunette.

      As Nelly says in the future she and her husband Cyril are planning to invest in new property, and secure the lives of loved ones. TV presenter says he wants to see mom and dad happy. “I’m talking about some fundamental care, for example, buy them a house. We also want to buy property in Miami – we love this city and would like to come back, bring their parents,” – said Nelly in an interview