Soloist of the “Brilliant” Nadia Handle will become a mother for the first time

Солистка «Блестящих» Надя Ручка станет мамой в первый раз The singer and her partner Denis preparing for the replenishment of the family. Young people are very serious about each other and plan the ceremony. Lovers do not hide the fact that very happy to receive congratulations from the public.

      Today it was announced that the soloist of group “Brilliant” Hope Pen plans to become a mother for the first time. The actress is on the fifth month of pregnancy. At the moment the singer and her partner Denis preparing for the marriage ceremony. Lover of Hope he proposed to her last year. During the conversation with “StarHit” the singer confirmed the happy news, but chose not to go into details, as it is abroad. The young woman also said that doesn’t know yet the sex of the baby.

      Note that Hope and Dennis first came to light in February last year. The couple visited one of the social events. Then the singer chose not to spread about new relationships. However, fans of the singer immediately realized that the young people are serious about each other. The lovebirds looked very happy and gladly posed for photographers.

      By the way, the Hope Pen and her partner started a Grand renovation in the apartment. How is this long and rather laborious process, the singer said in his microblog. The actress also shared photos of dilapidated housing so that the fans could appreciate the scale of the work for the reconstruction of the dwelling. “Detailed analysis… So and it was hard to imagine that your house unassembled looks pretty good and even inspiring… still, it is sometimes impossible to create the new without destroying the old… Everything else is cosmetic, decor and deception” – shared the soloist of the popular group in August last year.

      We also add that in July of last year, the singer got an adorable pet. The puppy is a toy poodle, whom the star has decided to call Fedoras easily settled down, the singer and never fails to please her shrill and joyous bark. “She’s so smart and expressive eyes I just fell,” – said a celebrity. Hope also admitted that since childhood dreamed of a dog of this breed. According to the artist, she has a lot of advantages. In addition, the soloist of the popular group added that when Fedor gets older, she will be engaged in the training of animals.

      Pictures of adorable dogs, which Hope shares in social networks, cause a storm of emotions among its subscribers. The singer doted in a charming pet and he devotes a lot of time. Fedor does not stop to surprise his mistress and her fans. “How lovely”, “Very nice”, “Good”, “Miracle”, “Cuddle”, – write in comments to the photos with the animal.