Daughter Apeksimova and Nikolaev revealed the deception of parents

Дочь Апексимовой и Николаева раскрыла обман родителей Daria Abralinsky remembered long the deal moms and dads. The girl told that her father Valery Nikolaev was upset when the girl decided to take a stage name. However, the young actress admitted that indeed she was supposed to be a different surname.

      Дочь Апексимовой и Николаева раскрыла обман родителей

      The daughter of actors Irina Apeksimova Valery Nikolaeva and Daria decided to follow in the footsteps of their parents. She graduated from the theater Institute and now performs on stage. From the famous names of the parents of the budding artist refused – she started working under the alias Artinskaya. As it turned out, this decision has upset daddy girls. Daria learned that earlier, the father kept the mother promise.

      “However, first, the Pope reacted to this news with a degree of resentment. But I said, “you Know, Valery Valeryevich, I originally your name was not supposed to wear”. In fact, the father mother lied because they agreed that, if it’s a girl, will Apeksimova. And my dad went to the registry office and signed me under their name. Here is possessiveness,” he revealed a family secret aspiring actress.
      Дочь Апексимовой и Николаева раскрыла обман родителей

      However, the passport Daria remains in her father’s name Nikolaev. She doesn’t want to be associated and compared with the famous parents, and intends to pave the way to becoming an actress. Abralinsky does not boast of kinship with well-known artists. Daughter Apeksimova and Nikolayev suffered heavy criticism because of their parents

      Irina Apeksimova admits that he tried to contribute to the advancement of the daughter in the beginning of her career. However, this idea has not justified itself. “When Dasha was graduated from the School-Studio of the Moscow art theatre, I called two Directors with a request to see it at the theater. And both turned me down, not even met. I’m incredibly difficult it was given: asked for myself, and I don’t like it,” said the actress.

      Дочь Апексимовой и Николаева раскрыла обман родителей

      Daria Abralinsky recognizes that appreciates advice and criticism mom, but very sensitive to her comments. She tries to come to terms with the idea that the mother wishes her only the best. Irina is proud that her daughter is not afraid to learn from their mistakes and glad that she achieves everything without her patronage.

      “I brought Dasha into the open tryouts of the play “Sweeney Todd, mad Barber of fleet street” at Theatre on Taganke, and then she worked herself. I could not for it nor to sing nor to dance, nor to play. And I am proud that it took on the main role. Happy that she is without my help, got the part in “Pride and prejudice” at the Moscow art theatre named after Chekhov,” – said Apeksimova in an interview with “Telenedelya”.