Nelly Ermolaeva exchange clubs in beds

Нелли Ермолаева променяет клубы на клумбы The TV presenter is preparing to become a woman. Nelly Ermolaeva felt a craving for domesticity. With the beginning of the summer season the star decided to buy a country plot with a finished house, where she will spend their leisure time.

      Нелли Ермолаева променяет клубы на клумбы

      The former participant of “House-2”, and now famous TV presenter Nelli Ermolaeva plans this year to marry her fiancé Cyril Andreev. Steam thinks the date and details of the upcoming celebrations, however do not forget about everyday life. With the beginning of the summer season the star was drawn to the beds, and the favorite did not refuse her the pleasure to feel like a woman. Young businessman and his fiancee are thinking about purchasing a country residence, where they will spend their leisure time and to learn the basics of gardening.

      “We have land in Sergievo Posad, but there is need to carry out communication, build a house, – says Nelly. In the end, we decided in June to buy a ready house with land to be able to go there for a weekend with family and friends, have barbecue, relax and enjoy spending time in nature. Clubs already tired, I swear! So I will deal with the flower beds. Yes, I was drawn to the garden. More precisely, not to the garden, and the colors. And I already imagine how I’m going to Refine everything around the house!”

      Currently the couple lives in a luxury apartment Andreeva at the Leningrad Avenue in the residential complex of business class. Nelly has been engaged in a Grand renovation that included the redevelopment. “Broke the wall in the lobby, which was large, useless, and added space in the bathroom. I also very much like to see the bathroom had a window! The designer has found a way to please me and did decorative window with backlight. Complete simulation of the big window!” says in an interview with the leading magazine “the House-2”. Also in the house will be two separate dressing rooms, which each will issue to your liking.

      In addition, now Ermolaeva and her partner think through all the details of the upcoming wedding. However, the TV presenter tries to choose such a day to all the honorable guests were able to attend the feast. “We have a wedding date, but I while will not sound. Philip (we are very good friends, and would love to present at the event) said that in April – lent, and in may – the Eurovision song contest, so we these months was expelled,” he told the star.

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