Svetlana Khodchenkova will dance a Striptease in a new dystopian

Светлана Ходченкова станцует стриптиз в новой антиутопии The film also will play Svetlana Ustinova and Anna chipovskaya. The actress will also be the producers of the project. In the story he recalls, “the Hunger games” only in the Russian film heroine beauties will compete by dancing on a pole. According to the authors of the project, he should expect a lot of blood and Striptease.

      Светлана Ходченкова станцует стриптиз в новой антиутопии

      A number of media reports that during the Cannes film festival took place the opening of the Russian pavilion, where movie stars presented the upcoming launch of the projects. One of the most curious will be the detective-dystopia “Blood on the dance floor”, which is currently under development. Its budget is estimated at approximately two million dollars. Co-producers and performers of the main roles will be some of the most beautiful Actresses of Russian cinema Svetlana Ustinova, Anna chipovskaya and Svetlana Khodchenkova.

      The producer of “Blood on the dance floor” will be Ilya Stewart, and as writer of the ribbon, declared Mikhail Idov, who worked on the film “duhless 2” and the TV series “Londongrad”.

      The creators of the idea of the film say that the main sources of inspiration for them were primarily films of South Korean film Directors — drama “Oldboy” and the post-apocalyptic Thriller “snow piercer based on the French comics. In addition, the “Blood on the dance floor” has significantly impacted the famous “Hunger games”, which glorified acres Jennifer Lawrence.

      Apparently, the Russian audience will watch “the Hunger games”. The plot of three women, which currently bear the names “X”,”Y” and “Z” live in Europe emerging from a new world war. This world works on its own special rules. So, it is prohibited any entertainment, be it song or dance. The only form of entertainment that is allowed is brutal competition on the strip. During them the audience can kill its participants. But the main character decided to challenge the soulless system and change the rules of the game.

      It is also known that the film will be a lot of dancing on a pole, blood and violence. According to Svetlana Khodchenkova, the choreography in the film will deliver on a professional level, because the poll-dance is not just entertainment in the club, but also a professional sport. Every year it held competitions in different parts of the globe. Well, Svetlana Khodchenkova knows what he’s talking about. The actress had to read this kind of dancing in the film “Warrior”. In interviews, Khodchenkova said that to master the pole was really hard, it requires incredibly strong and sturdy hands. At rehearsals, the actress was washing my hands in the blood and felt immense pain.

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