Sergey Lazarev took place at the contest “Eurovision 2016”

Сергей Лазарев занял место на конкурсе «Евровидение-2016» The victory went to the representative of Ukraine Jamal. In the capital of Sweden ended 61 in a row the prestigious musical competition “Eurovision”. Sergey Lazarev became a leader by results of the audience voting.

      Сергей Лазарев занял место на конкурсе «Евровидение-2016»

      May 15 about two o’clock in the morning Moscow time in the Swedish capital Stockholm summed up the results of the voting at the Eurovision song contest. Won the singers from Ukraine Jamal with a song “1944”. Sergey Lazarev, who defended the honor of our country with the song You Are the Only One, was third. Second place the representative of Australia Demi Them.

      By the way, by estimations of bookmakers, even before the final of “Eurovision” among the strongest of the participating countries were Russia and Australia. Only in the final stage of the song contest “Eurovision 2016” took place on the 26 contestants. Into their number entered the 10 winners of the two semi-finals, Sweden and the countries of the “big five” — Britain, Germany, Italy, Spain and France. Watched the “Eurovision” about 200 million people from different countries of the world. The contest was broadcast live by the TV channel “Russia 1”.

      Сергей Лазарев занял место на конкурсе «Евровидение-2016»

      This year the competition was an innovation associated with the vote. The results of the voting by the national jury and spectators before summed up at once, now they are first published separately and then combined. According to the results of jury voting in the first place by a wide margin was Australia, the five leaders also includes Ukraine, France, Malta and Russia.

      But the results of the audience voting first became our Sergey Lazarev. “And this is most important! – said one of the authors of the song, which was performed at the competition Sergey Lazarev, Philip Kirkorov during a live broadcast from Stockholm. – The whole of Europe voted for us!”

      “Thank you so much for such a son!”, – said the mother of the singer Valentina Viktorovna TV presenter Boris korchevnikov after the end of the broadcast of “Eurovision”, when the camera moved from Stockholm in the Studio of TV channel “Russia 1”. The woman was rooting for his heir in the Studio of the program “live”. “I knew he was like this, he is done! From me to him the highest rating,” said Valentina.

      Сергей Лазарев занял место на конкурсе «Евровидение-2016»

      Room Sergey Lazarev became one of the most memorable on “the Eurovision”. Thousands of the audience were delighted with the performance of the Russian artist. The audience applauded the singer, not hiding emotions. By the way, the song “You Are The Only One” was loved by the music lovers even before Sergey Lazarev presented to her on the Eurovision stage. It has become one of the most talked about tracks among Internet users — nearly 2 million records on Twitter were dedicated to Russia and Lazarus.

      It should be noted that a colourful celebration was held at the sports and concert hall arena Stockholm “Globen”. Sweden became the winner of the previous contest “Eurovision-2015”, held in Vienna with the song “Heroes” performed by Mons Silmeria, who scored 365 points, which this year became one of the leading competition. Sweden has hosted the contest for the sixth time, the country took three years to repeat the success of 2012, when the “Eurovision” won her representative, a singer named Loreen.

      Сергей Лазарев занял место на конкурсе «Евровидение-2016»
      Сергей Лазарев занял место на конкурсе «Евровидение-2016»

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