Наташа Королева воссоединилась с сыном The famous singer met Arkhip in Moscow. 14-year-old heir to Natasha Koroleva and Sergey Glushko live and study in the United States, and his parents go there only once in two months. During the holidays the boy returned home.

      Наташа Королева воссоединилась с сыном

      Natasha Koroleva has published on his page in Instagram touching photo of her son with his pet Hedgehog. Thus, she gave her fans understand that the family is reunited, and Arkhip home in Russia.

      The singer admits that she worked very hard decision to leave child in the United States, where he is studying. However, 14-year-old Arkhip not left unattended relatives. With him resides Natasha’s mother Lyudmila Poryvai. In addition, parents come to son once in two months. Also Arkhip has a nanny who watches him when grandma is busy. The Queen believes that at this age for a teenager need eyes and the eyes, therefore, the star prefers not to give his son too much independence, yet she is far.

      Fortunately, soon Natalia will not have to worry about how is her heir. Arkhip returned home to his native suburban village of the Krekshino, where the family is a vacation home.

      In recognition of the Queen, her son has changed a lot in the few months he spent in the United States. Previously, he was always with her mother – the boy was taken to school, forced to do homework. Now, away from his parents, he had the responsibility for their actions. Natasha admired his son. She admits that Arkhip returns home without reminders and perform all homework.

      Interestingly, the very young man supports his mother in all things. Not long ago, the family faced a scandal involving intimate pictures of the Queen and her husband, caught with the help of cyber criminals in the Internet. Natalia felt a lot of stress, she fell into a depression. The star even had to go to a psychologist to teach her how worthy, without unnecessary emotions to get through this ordeal.

      The son of Natasha Koroleva helped her to survive the effects of a sex scandal

      “I felt the silent support of his son: though we did not discuss this topic, I felt for the mother he will tear all! It may be immodest to say so, but I am a man by nature good, not doing evil to anyone. So the mud to stick, despite the fact that some people tried very hard to denigrate me,” said Natasha.

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