Двухлетняя дочь Тани Терешиной нашла себе кавалера The singer holds the fascination of the little ARIS. Tanya Tereshina with the child resting in Cyprus. On the island, the artist met a fellow rapper Dino SM with his wife and son Tamerlane. The children immediately found a common language.

      Двухлетняя дочь Тани Терешиной нашла себе кавалера

      Popular singer Tanya Tereshina now resting in Cyprus with his two year old daughter ARIS. But neither the artist nor its successor is not boring to spend time on the beach. Moreover, the former soloist of group HI-FI met on the Sunny island of friends – the popular rapper Dino MC with his wife Mishan Mishina and son Tamerlane. The children were able to find common ground and get along so well that the wife of a musician even joked about a possible love small children.

      “Holiday romance, first. Agreed with the mother ARIS,” wrote the wife of a famous rapper Dino MC and published the picture, which the kids sweet hug.
      Двухлетняя дочь Тани Терешиной нашла себе кавалера

      Fans could not remain indifferent to such a charming photo and immediately began to comment on the publication, admiring the mutual affection of young ARIS and Tamerlane.

      “You can melt forever…Kids, they like”, “Likes older girls”, “This love” – shared his emotions the followers of young mother.

      Tanya Tereshina doted in his little daughter and tries to do everything to make the girl feel happy. Singer forgives ARIS some mischief. Not so long ago the heiress was unable to restrain his creative impulse and in his own way transformed the apartment of the actress. She painted the furniture and walls in the house. Although leprosy, Tanya Tereshina not angry daughter, and with humor reacted to this act of adored her child.

      Sometimes Tereshina confused by the behavior of ARIS. “Today my daughter tried on my bra. It’s such rzhaka. She pressed straight on purpose and so long went with it, not give what I was thinking. The children copy. So really putting on the bra, I immediately begin to walk with such an incredibly busy person?” – asked the singer.

      Despite all the mischief, Tanya is so attached to the baby even jealous to his former lover Glory Nikitin. The girl’s father tries to take part in the education of the heiress, despite disagreements with the former lover. “When this couple together, I feel unwanted. And who of us she was being born?” – wrote Tereshina, but was accompanied by the publication of emoticons.

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