Настасья Самбурская снова отдыхает в одиночестве The actress is not the first time spends time without a star of “Eurovision” Alexander Ivanov. Nastasya Samburski publishes photos from Spain, while her partner is in Mogilev. Fans of stars “Uni” is concerned.

      Настасья Самбурская снова отдыхает в одиночестве

      Nastasya Samburski continues to insist that her affair with the participant of “Eurovision” from Belarus Alexander Ivanov – is not a joke and not PR. The relationship between the actress and the singer started right in front of the international music competition. The couple published a joint photo and gave much cause for discussion.

      However, coincidentally, while in Stockholm, took place “Eurovision”, on which Ivanov fought for victory, Samburski fun with friends in Thailand, from where she sent her lover a kiss.

      The summer came and, it would seem that nothing prevented the couple to arrange a joint vacation. But this dream of Alexander was once again unrealistic. While the singer did business in the city of Mogilev, his beloved went on holiday to Spain.

      Nastassja publishes numerous photos from the shores of the Mediterranean, but not a word is mentioned about the separation with her boyfriend. But the artist fills the humor your posts and pictures, which handles the program “Photoshop” so if she’s pregnant.

      Настасья Самбурская снова отдыхает в одиночестве“I did not believe that I have two? Ha ha! Yes here they are my lovelies. Just I used to have a lot of likes, but now I do very little, and the photo with more likes put children”, signed Samburski one photo with a painted belly and two small children.

      We will remind, “StarHit” decided to find out what the relationships actually link the Nastasia and Alexander, and whether between lovers everything is so serious, as presents to the star of “Univer”.

      Nastasya Samburski, expect problems in the relations with the beloved

      Numerologist Arzu Tarabukina previously said that the couple is on the stage of a romantic relationship, but there Samburski and Ivanova are waiting for serious tests. “A barrier to their relationship can be the glory that after the “Eurovision 2016″ is likely to turn Alexander’s head, said the numerologist. – Despite the fact that Samburski taunts the fans, advising her to find a husband, wife she will become. Not the fact that to the altar it will lead it was Ivanov, but in any case before 2020 ” will wear a veil. But the large mother, most likely, she won’t be in the fate of the actress I see one child.”

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