Наташа Королева ужаснула растительностью на лице и стрижкой «под мальчика»
The singer has changed her husband.

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On that not only is the star for the show “Kings of plywood”? Natasha Koroleva, for example, to participate in the popular program… replaced the floor! With the help of make-up artists and stylists singer turned to Timothy. Video performance the Queen can be seen on channel 16 December at 23:35. And while fans settle for shots made behind the scenes.

Natasha Koroleva

Photo: @natellanatella (Instagram Natalia Koroleva)

Specially for this room Natasha “grew” a beard and agreed to say goodbye to their luxurious locks. Fans of Queen are happy that the changes in the appearance of their idol are temporary. “A horror, a nightmare”, “More similar to Kirkorov”, “Here is the transformation… the Horror!”, “Not yet, not learned” — assessed the way pop stars in the world.

By the way, Natasha told me that on this adventure persuaded her husband, Sergei Glushko. “That’s exactly what I did not expect this transformation to Timothy, but on this adventure I knocked husband!” says their participation in the project Queen.

Recall that last week’s premiere of the new video of Natasha for the song “My Santa Claus”. The main hit of the coming New year, she recorded a duet with young by German Titov.