Рустам Солнцев: «Кирилла «Руки-базуки» Терешина надо упечь в психушку» The showman spoke to the Frick. Rustam Solntsev could not remain indifferent to the subject, which excited the public lately. He shared his thoughts on the subject.

Cyril Tereshin, blogger from Pyatigorsk became known a month ago due to its huge biceps, to acquire which he managed with the help of injection of hazardous chemicals. The young man was given the nickname “Hands-Bazooka” and “Mr. Synthol”, reports about it have shown on the main channels of the country, Cyril received an invitation to the most popular TV show in Russia.

The public has reacted strongly to the appearance Tereshina – the majority felt that this may be a bad example for young people who, looking at the hands of the freak, too – and all of a sudden? – want to inject yourself with synthol. Cyril also noted that it is not going to stop there. Guy plans to continue to experiment with looks, with this statement it caused an even greater uproar.

However, in the beginning of this week there was information that the guy got rid of his “hands-bazookas”, removing limbs synthol. But the rumor remained a rumor.

Showman Rustam Solntsev has decided to speak out about the situation in his weekly coined specifically for the “StarHit” category “Mamadorogaya”.

“Behind me is now a very wonderful psychological clinic, began his address to the sun. – Two pieces of news this week drove up in connection with this institution. First – Wenceslas vengrzhanovsky is not in a mental hospital, he’s all right, this is a great and intelligent man, better than all of us combined. A person may be all right in the head, even if he takes a bottle. All the news that they put him in the hospital – hex. Maybe some disgruntled ex who started the rumor…”

“Well, the second news about Kira-“Hands-bazookas”. For some reason he is not in the nuthouse, and all we read of another taskbar from him. And he’s at a school that behind me is the place. The guys who are there with him – grandparents, friends – I’ll even help define him to the clinic. I swear, with Cyril must have something to do!”

Rustam sure if Tereshina not to provide compulsory medical care, the consequences can be dire. “The guy does not knows what he’s doing, says the showman. – I feel bad for his mom: raised-raised son, but he is doing. But what if he messed up in the head? We must take things into their own hands. Close, being inactive, so you do not suffer with guilt!”