Natalya Sedykh caught her husband in the apartment with his mistress

Наталья Седых застукала мужа в квартире с любовницей After that, the star of the movie “Morozko” divorced. Natalya Sedykh was never to marry. The artist has a son who now lives in St. Petersburg and rarely comes to visit mom.
Наталья Седых застукала мужа в квартире с любовницей

Natalya Sedykh is famous in four years as “the smallest skater of the USSR.” Then she graduated from the choreographic school, and for many years was a soloist of the Bolshoi theatre. But the Soviet and Russian public it is most known for his role in “Morozko”. The picture was shot in 1964 by Director Alexander rou and won the main prize at the Venice film festival in the program of children’s films.

Natalya Sedykh left the movie because she chose ballet. For the Big theater had to give up figure skating. For his career collapsed marriage with the composer Viktor Lebedev. They have a son Alexei. The artist invited the program “a Perfect repair” in order to make a comfortable room for a successor.

“This is a one bedroom apartment, and it is in good condition. This is my room, bedroom-boudoir, and repair requires the former room of my son. Now this room more like a storage room. I have long been afraid to come here. I usually closed the door. The son stops when he comes, doesn’t happen often, and I don’t know how he is, poor, living in such conditions”, – admitted Natalia.
Наталья Седых застукала мужа в квартире с любовницей

Gray wants to turn the room beige purple living room with fireplace, a comfortable sofa and a huge wardrobe. “In this room I shall receive guests, drink coffee, open balcony, journalists, it should be Executive room – spectacular, beautiful. Color – pale background with splashes of purple, maybe purple accents, for example” – expressed wishes of the artist.

The designer offered a classic French style with elements of Provence, in a calm color scheme. One wall will decorate more Wallpapers in sand and blue tones. Also in the room will be a fireplace.

Наталья Седых застукала мужа в квартире с любовницей

Son of Natalya Sedykh has been living in St. Petersburg. Natalia recognizes that at some point ceased to deal with him. Money on Tutors for admission to the University it was not, and therefore she sent Alexey to the father. Now relatives are seen infrequently.

Наталья Седых застукала мужа в квартире с любовницей

Gray also explained why broke up her marriage. Despite the fact that the man was in love with so much that a month later he proposed to her after 10 years he cheated on the woman he loves.

“He had another woman. I was the first time in 10 years, arrived from Moscow without warning, and there he found another woman. You know, what was the degree of confusion?! This is a situation in which the apology is absolutely not appropriate,” – admitted the actress.
Наталья Седых застукала мужа в квартире с любовницей

After repair, the room turned into a luxurious boudoir. Everything in it is reminiscent of the Bolshoi theatre, and velvet, and a fireplace, and Grand moldings, and crystal sconces, and even the curtain.

“That’s what I wanted – did not hide the joy of a ballerina. – I love it. A huge thanks to the program”.