Климова и Месхи поощряют в дочери вседозволенность The couple believe that it is not necessary to put the child bans. Gela Meskhi does not seek to raise the baby in the rigor – in his opinion, parents should only guide the children. They also protect Bella from watching TV.
Климова и Месхи поощряют в дочери вседозволенность

Ekaterina Klimova and Gela Meskhi were married in June 2015 and a couple months later they had a daughter Bella. Also the actress has older children from previous marriages. Lisa appeared from Ilya Khoroshilov, and sons Matthew and Roots from Igor Petrenko.

For the life of the artist see more than 700 thousand followers on Twitter. She would be happy to share with fans their experiences. However, it observes certain principles. For example, until the year she did not show the face of a small daughter. Her husband Gela Meskhi not a supporter of public life – he rarely puts on display any photos. Despite the fact that many celebrities have registered the accounts for their minor children, parents do not consider it necessary. According to the man, the child must decide for himself what he needs. Two year old daughter Ekaterina Klimova’s been going to music lessons

“A daughter she’ll get a page when you’re older if you want. I’m OK with that. I do not believe that there is nothing to prevent a person. After all, it is her right. Look, send in some correct direction — it is possible, but to put taboo — no. Any ban is wrong, the person chooses a path in life. I was a child, too much of anything is not forbidden. As for social networks, maybe she doesn’t need to be,” says Meskhi.

Gela has admitted that he and his wife are trying to protect the child from negative influences and dependencies. Despite the fact that some parents distract their kids with the TV, the couple prefers to think of little other activities and entertainment.

“While we try to protect her from television. It is a separate substance, we with the wife think it is much better to read books and see pictures. We are trying to develop daughter fully. For example, she already goes to dance school and she loves them. For almost three years — already a grown man!” the singer confessed.

Meskhi admitted in an interview with “7 days” because of work and he is often forced to be separated from family. He usually uses a means of communication and always finds time to meet adorable Bella.

“She’s used to mom and dad frequently leaving for work speaks to us on the phone, rejoice,” – said Gela.