Скончалась Нина Дорошина Movie star passed away at the age of 83 years. In recent years, Nina Doroshina was very ill. A month ago she complained of a heart problem and was observed in the clinic.
Скончалась Нина Дорошина

Sad news came from Moscow. April 21 in the capital has died the national actress of Russia Nina Doroshina. Artist, to which nationwide fame and love came after the role of Nadia in the film Vladimir Menshov “Love and pigeons”, passed away at the age of 83 years.

On the eve of 20 April, Nina has caused “ambulance” with complaints of chest pain. Doctors confirmed that the heart problem is, but they are associated with the age of the patient. Doroshina refused admission, and told reporters he feels better.

“I’m an adult, sick man. For many years, which of course is bad with heart. All right, all right, I’m alive, healthy, home,” – said on the eve Doroshina

The sad news of the death star told the neighbor Dorosini. He said that the door to her apartment was open, and she asked for help, clutching his heart.

“Nina Doroshina, died at home. The cause of death was disease of the circulatory system”, – said the source.

Nina Doroshina was born in Moscow shortly before the war, December 3, 1934. Her father worked in the fur cabinate, and before the second world war he was sent to Iran to purchase fur. There dorosini the family spent the war.

After graduating from high school, Nina entered the Shchukin theater school. It first appeared on the silver screen, while still a student in 1955. In the movie “Echelon” she met Oleg Efremov and four years later came organized in the theater “Contemporary”, in which he served until the end of his days.

In the theatre she has played many iconic roles – Katya (“Five evenings” by A. Volodin), Anita (“the Fifth column” by E. Hemingway), “Cooking” (“Forever alive” by V. Rozov), Inna (“Marlin Monroe” N. Kolyada), FISA (“Steep route” E. Ginsburg) Madame George (“Four lines for a debutant” by Jean Anouilh).

Doroshina is not very extensive filmography is just 33 works, of which the most significant role in the movie Alexei Koreneva “family circumstances” (former ballerina, singer, little itchy) and benefit the role of Hope in the Comedy of Vladimir Menshov “Love and pigeons”.

Doroshina was married twice. First husband of the actress became legendary Oleg Dal, but the marriage did not last long. With the second husband – the master of the world of the theater “Sovremennik” Vladimir Iscover lived for more than 20 years until his death in 2004.

Colleagues of the actress can’t check what happened. Many of them worked with Dorosini in the theatre. Alexander Mikhailov, a famous actor, grieving for the movie star. “We were friends, for me is a blow, a huge blow for me it’s very personal,” he said.

Marina Aleksandrova has uploaded the scenes with the actress from the popular movie. “It seemed that your energy enough to live forever. Fly, we love you! Thank you for everything!” – wrote the actress.

“Mother Nina, my teacher, my friend, my theater guru, thank you that you visited us! Thank you for showing how, with whom and in what direction. Eternal memory of you and I promise to pass on the skill of acting those chips, which you generously shared with me his students,” wrote Vyacheslav Manucharov.

Farewell to people’s artist of Russia Nina Mikhailovna Doroshina will be held in her home theater “Contemporary”. The administration of the theatre, presumably on Tuesday, April 24.