Наталья Штурм подверглась нападению извращенцев Recently, the singer of the hit “high School romance” regularly publishes in social networks posts about selling his stuff. Natalia Sturm is afraid to post announcements on specialized websites, as there it is written fetishists.

51-year-old Natalia Shturm is selling things online. To this end, it has placed a few posts on Instagram with stories about your wardrobe. The singer says that clothing, shoes and underwear are in great condition, and some of the creations of famous designers she never wore. In a recent interview Natalia talked about the reasons for his actions. According to the artist, it does not need the money, and just want to free up space in the closet.

Some things, the Assault demonstrates personally. The greatest delight of followers of the microblog singer call the shots on which she is depicted in her underwear.

“I could, of course, hang on a hanger and take a picture. But I know how haters get mad when they see my figure, begin to write nasty things, so put up pictures. For some I – irritant. Write to me: “You are crazy!” I like this, because I see with my own eyes that the flaws in my figure, no,” Natalia shared with reporters.

The actress sure looks the same as thirty years. That’s why the Assault periodically have to fend off fetishists. That’s why Natalia doesn’t like to put their ads on the Internet, and choose Instagram. The singer is sure that other resources are more perverts.

“Often write when I see underwear: “send me everything!” A couple of times I was caught, sent all available for sale. And only then understood that faced with the abnormal. The day before yesterday I one person wrote: “I Take all the socks with holes, you have a hundred rubles for every!” I told him that I only have one pair with holes. But she is a thousand rubles. Just decided to pin, and he earnestly replied that it was very expensive! Another man once he has sent me a photo of the tights and asked: “do They work?” I immediately understood that the man is not in himself,” recalls Sturm.

When Natalia sees adequate buyers, it makes them a discount. The star is not a pity to part with unnecessary items. According to Storm, it is referred to by a variety of people – both girls and couples. Closet Natalia is in high demand. The secret is simple – everything in the stores is much more expensive. In addition, Natalie is sure that helping her positive aura. “People want to through my stuff luck transferred to them. I don’t mind!” – shared a woman with Sobesednik.ru.