Натали Неведрова заговорила о возвращении в шоу «Орел и решка»    Presenter, who left the team is about traveling, share plans for the future. In recognition of Natalie Nevedrova, she’s not gonna say farewell to colleagues. Currently, the TV star has focused on the family.

Recently revealed that Natalie Nevedrova will not appear in the new series of the popular program about travel “heads and tails”. The young woman decided to refuse to work due to permanent separation with her daughter, Marie-Nicole. Talking to journalists, the blogger told about the behind the scenes of the TV show and plans for the future.

The General Director Of “Friday!”announced the names of the leading show “heads and tails»

As it turned out, Natalie has no plans to permanently say goodbye to colleagues at the travel show. Nevedrova does not exclude that once again join the friendly team of the program, but in a different season. According to the TV star, she likes to run in the “eagle and tails”. So Natalie would love to travel if circumstances are favorable.

“Well, I’m not leaving. New “Nautical” season will be by far without me, but of course I love this project and will gladly continue to cooperate with the transfer and the channel in the future. Perhaps the audience will see me in the new releases, the shooting of which will take place in America and in Russia. At the moment, we decided to make a pause, and I am very grateful that all went into my position. Being away from family is hard, but when you have a child, everything is harder,” said the leader.

Natalie has spent on the set of 97 days and visited 15 different countries. “I flew hundreds of miles and spent a couple hundred hours in the air,” she says. Husband Nevedrova always tried to support it, so upon learning that his wife was casting, was sent to collect the bags. Because of the different time zones the guide had not always been able to talk with family.

“Tight schedule, even text messages will not take off. Different time zones, via Skype it was impossible to see her. She was offended, I didn’t want to talk to me when I called,” recalls Natalie.

In a recent interview with the star of the show “heads and tails” also admitted that according to the rules a coin toss not only leading, but all the crew – cameramen, Directors, producer and editor. “Resentment happen, but it is only a joke, of course,” shared Nevedrova.

The worst part for Natalie began shooting in San Salvador, considered one of the most criminal places in the world. Even as a young woman remembers being in this town, she is not alone. Unpleasant experience Nevedrova left from Hamburg, where she had to spend the night in the hostel, informed the former public house. “It’s all in the air, all of these paintings. It was awful,” the TV star told Woman’s Day.