Дженнифер Энистон и Джастин Теру разводятся The actress and her husband decided to leave. According to Jennifer and Justin Theroux, she plans to maintain friendly relations. They released an official statement to avoid the spread of rumors.
Дженнифер Энистон и Джастин Теру разводятся

Representatives Jennifer aniston and Justin Theroux announced that the couple filed for divorce. The actors have been married for a little over two years. The couple prefer not to name the reasons that made them make that decision. Star cinema has released the official statement.

“In order to avoid any further speculation, we have decided to announce the divorce. It’s a decision that we took at the end of last year, was mutual. We are two best friends who break up as a couple but remain friends,” – said in the message.

According to the insider, in the life of Jennifer, nothing has changed. She doesn’t look upset. The actress spends time with friends. Despite the fact that Justin and Jennifer say that they decided to divorce back in December, the New year the couple celebrated together in Cabo San Lucas in Mexico. The husband and wife understood that due to the fact that each of them sometimes lives in another city, the media will begin to discuss the problems in their family. Theroux spent a lot of time in new York.

“Of course, we would like to do it in private, but given the fact that around will still speculate and start rumors, we decided to tell about it. All that is said and written about us without our knowledge, is not true. First of all, we want to keep the respect and love that is felt about each other,” added the star in a statement.

Recall that the marriage with Theroux was Jennifer second. From 2000 to 2005 she was married to brad pitt. However, they decided to divorce. In that time, the actor began a relationship with Angelina Jolie. Years later, aniston admitted that she did not have resentment at pitt. “Jen wishes brad good luck and all the best. She feels a happy man and wishes that he was happy too. Jen holds on to brad’s angry divorce. She always had a feeling that there will be something similar. She didn’t feel that Jolie was the one with which he will remain forever, it is too difficult for him. He’s a pretty simple guy,” said a source close to Jennifer.