Ilya Lagutenko: “Son is not my “old man’s” advice»

Илья Лагутенко: «Сыну нет дела до моих «стариковских» советов» The soloist of group “Mumiy Troll” the year was rich in events. February 16, on the screens out the film “SOS to the sailor” in which Elijah played a major role for the first time and acted as producer, 18 Feb musical band released the album “EAST X NORTHWEST”, and in the fall Lagutenko will celebrate the 50th anniversary.
Илья Лагутенко: «Сыну нет дела до моих «стариковских» советов»

“Life is a test»

What do you consider your major achievements on the eve of the anniversary?
Илья Лагутенко: «Сыну нет дела до моих «стариковских» советов»Given that many of my colleagues on the Vladivostok rock club or disappointed in the rock-n-roll, or simply no longer alive, you can say the words from his song: “Live. Already lucky.”—
What advice would you give yourself 20 years?
Илья Лагутенко: «Сыну нет дела до моих «стариковских» советов»To go towards the dream and don’t waste time on empty people.—
Are there traits which would like to get rid of, because they interfere with enjoying life?
Илья Лагутенко: «Сыну нет дела до моих «стариковских» советов»I’m far from enjoying, life is an ongoing test, because you’re not alone. And all around a lot of different people. And it would be nice to get there from the liars, lazy and irresponsible of other villains. But it does not happen.—
Your son from the first marriage of Igor this year, too round date – 30 years. Haven’t made you a grandpa?
Илья Лагутенко: «Сыну нет дела до моих «стариковских» советов»No.—
Can call and ask for help?
Илья Лагутенко: «Сыну нет дела до моих «стариковских» советов»He is independent, like all young people who are looking for their big deal. My “old man’s” advice it is not the case.
Илья Лагутенко: «Сыну нет дела до моих «стариковских» советов»
You and your wife Anna together for more than 13 years. That helps to keep the marriage, because today every second celebrity couple files for divorce?
Илья Лагутенко: «Сыну нет дела до моих «стариковских» советов»We don’t feel no such star pair. We have joy, and nardocci are the same as those others. We do all the cooking and wash the dishes… it is Necessary to find understanding. That’s all.—
Your daughters are 9 and 7 years. Junior, Leticia, last year went to the first class. Vivi helping her to do homework?
Илья Лагутенко: «Сыну нет дела до моих «стариковских» советов»They love to learn, greedy for knowledge. I wish to meet more attentive teachers. Me no luck. In Soviet childhood drill, prevailed over all attempts of children to Express natural curiosity and craving for beauty.—
What principles to adhere to in their education?
Илья Лагутенко: «Сыну нет дела до моих «стариковских» советов»My wife and I are trying to give the girls a versatile develop. Children are like sponges – absorb a lot of information, it is important not to lose time, so they got more. For example, last winter, they first stood on a surfboard. They liked no joke. Apparently, now the vacation will have to plan in places with good waves.

“I do not believe in a free lunch»

Your Instagram five records in three years. Why? After all, many stars develop a blog, start to cooperate with clothing stores, travel companies, to free ode – Wali, was sent to travel…
Илья Лагутенко: «Сыну нет дела до моих «стариковских» советов»For me not interest people who are “famous because of the famous”. And I don’t believe in “free lunch”.—
Why did you decide to become a film producer?
Илья Лагутенко: «Сыну нет дела до моих «стариковских» советов»From years of experience with “Mumiy Troll”, I concluded that if he devised some challenging creative field, be it an album, a music video or movie and want you to have less questions to the manufacturing process and result you must take full responsibility. “SOS sailor” – a film about how the group went round the world trip on the barge “Sedov”.
Илья Лагутенко: «Сыну нет дела до моих «стариковских» советов»
In the acting profession the most difficult?
Илья Лагутенко: «Сыну нет дела до моих «стариковских» советов»Pretend. I’m not really be himself.—
The new album “EAST X NORTHWEST” will be different from what was done before?
Илья Лагутенко: «Сыну нет дела до моих «стариковских» советов»Basically, all my records are similar to each other. It’s like a diary of impressions and adventures during a certain period of time expressed in the format of long-playing record.—
You’re on stage for more than 30 years. How it has changed the domestic music?
Sometimes it seems that stalled due to the fact that the fuel is not brought up in time. But it’s not. I think that musicians or people who aspire to become them, always had about the same amount. But the listener has a lot of new priorities. For example, take a picture of yourself with each post. Already listen to the music once. So we don’t notice it much. And talents – they know the majority of the individual vulnerable. Not pay them enough attention – and they went out. So the market was flooded with the thick-skinned. Well, or adapted. Evolution – how Darwinian.