Наталья Водянова поделилась трогательным семейным фото The supermodel has published a photo during dinner with the family. Natalia Vodianova urged his fans to join the flash mob in support of the victims of the earthquake in Italy.

      For many years Natalia Vodianova charity. The Russian supermodel, who has long been a man of the world, indifferent to human misery, and she can not ignore what is happening in the world.

      On the eve of the Central part of Italy happened a strong earthquake. To save from the rubble managed about two hundred people, but the number of victims is even higher. According to recent reports, the victims were more than two hundred and fifty. The town of Amatrice completely destroyed.

      Natalia Vodianova has published in his microblog, it would seem, is not related to the earthquake family photo. The picture of her family posing at the table. However, it is a big plate of pasta Amatriciana, which is the hallmark of the affected area. Turns out, the supermodel has decided to organize a flash mob with the goal to help the victims of the Italian families.

      “I, like, I’m sure many of you, worried and deeply sympathize with the victims of the earthquake in Italy, to their families and friends. The only thing that helps me in such situations is to act. Amatrice is a small town with a population of 16 thousand people, injured more than others, known to the world his wonderful pasta Amatriciana. We came up with a project called “Eating in Italy”. The idea is to invite chefs, caterers and all who wish to make a simple but delicious dish in its restaurants and cafes, and all the proceeds directed to help victims of the earthquake. Funds from the company will be sent to @savethechildren, the Red Cross and other organizations who are right now working at the crash site. First, we have joined the wonderful Jamie Oliver, and him in turn more than 700 chefs who work with him. Yesterday Amatriciana pasta menu, restaurants, England, Italy and other European countries”, – said Vodianova.

      According to him, everyone who is not indifferent to what happened in Italy of the tragedy and wants to join the good cause and maybe just cook the pasta Amatriciana at home. The star take the whole family at the table and remember what a blessing to be together. Photo paste then you can publish to Elbi and donate $1 to the Foundation “Save The Children”.

      “I know how important this is, firsthand, the assistance we Fund “Naked heart” has provided children affected by the floods in Krymsk in 2012-m to year. This is a very important and urgent work with children with posttraumatic syndrome, which depends on how the child will survive the terrible shock of the loss of home and family and will return to a normal life. Thanks to all who responded and participated,” wrote Vodianova.

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