Полина Диброва снялась в откровенной фотосессии Mother of three children staged a shooting in the pool. Polina Dibrova appeared before the camera in a new way. The wife of a famous TV presenter impressed the fans chiseled figure. For the sake of maintaining itself in the form of a young woman vigorously dancing.

      The wife of TV presenter Dmitry Dibrova Polina decided to capture the last days of this summer, and staged a daring photo shoot at the pool. Mother of three children decided to relax in front of the camera, dressed in a swimsuit, I began to pose for the camera. But Pauline has not only limited to the swimsuit. The young woman also chose to shoot black dress with high slits that allowed her to completely bare feet. More recently, Pauline did her bangs, but for the photo shoot decided to take her back.

      “Today early in the morning to work,” wrote Dibrova in microblogging, posting the first pictures.

      The fans looked at the pictures of Pauline. They praised the figure of the mother of three children, which manages to keep himself in great shape, and the way that she chose . “You without bangs much better, beautiful”, “Great! I didn’t even know”, “Bang has already been said a lot – really cool and stylish”, – began to talk about the followers of the microblog Dibrova.

      Despite the fact that only slightly more than a year ago, Pauline became a mother for the third time, she eagerly began to regain their form. Dibrova village on a rigid diet and began to exercise. However, the mother of many children did not spend hours at the gym and chose a different kind of physical downloads – dancing.

      Mother of many children manages to combine taking care of three kids with their own Hobbies. Together with the dance group “Todes” a woman made at the end of may on the stage of “Crocus city Hall” in a very extravagant outfit. In order to perform on stage a couple of minutes, Pauline had to spend a few months in the dance Studio, perfecting every element to give the audience an unforgettable show.

      For the sake of the wife of Dmitry Dibrova felt absolutely happy, he hired a staff of nannies and housekeepers to free her from household chores. Mother of three children spouse are infinitely grateful for everything he does for the family. Husband shielded Pauline Dibrov household chores

      “My husband is a miracle! Climbed over all the fences, to deliver flowers. Came specially from Rostov directly from the airport to the concert. The children sat the entire performance with my mouth open,” – said all the fans Dibrova.

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