Детскую песню Сергея Шнурова высоко оценили в Сети The musician posted a song on the new programme. Sergei Shnurov, who is famous for provocative lyrics pretty and bold behavior on stage, this time recorded a single for children. Fans praised the work of the musician and was assured that the kids will be delighted.

The leader of group “Leningrad” Sergey Shnurov does not cease to surprise the audience. In the beginning of the year for the song “the Exhibit” literally blew up the Internet for a short period of time gained millions of views, and the main character of the video became instantly popular. A few months later band has released a provocative song, “In St. Petersburg – drink!”, which caused a lot of controversy. The performers were accused of promoting alcoholism, and someone thought that the text of the composition is not more than irony.

Now Sergey Shnurov, famous for the fact that does not hold itself in expressions and even in songs uses profanity, appeared before the audience in a rather unexpected role. The musician was the author of the song to the new children’s gear.

“Basically, I always wrote songs for children, only to have the big and drunken. Good morning!” – commented Sergey his new song.

Now for millions of children in Russia a new day will start with a song Shnurov. On the first of September on the channel “Carousel” starts the program “good morning, kids”. Many parents have already appreciated his work. All in unison repeat that motif and the words are very easy to remember, and therefore children will be happy to sing the song.

“Cheerfully dance. Docha, a year and three immediately went to dance”, “How cheerfully, my child just immediately wakes up, and finally I will not sit for half an hour by his bed”, “be Sure to show daughter. Great clip. Continue in the same spirit. Right in the childhood plunged”, “Well, master! You’re in the story now entered, and, in all seriousness! Children grow up, their grandchildren and will be remembered – you will become immortal!” – praised the artist’s fans.

In the program “good morning, kids” will involve the same characters as in the legendary program “good night, kids”. Animals have developed their own designer. Anastasia Zadorin had sewed several outfits for each character.

“The program “Goodnight kids” this season comes in the new Studio, launching a project called “good morning, kids” – all in a modern, dynamic format, and we tried to keep the clothing of the characters it matched, ” says Anastasia Zadorin. – Of course, trendy, fashionable, bright. I hope that young viewers will appreciate it and maybe even learn from them”.

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