Наталья Водянова считает, что с детьми необходимо быть строгой

It’s hard to believe, but the Russian model Natalia Vodianova is a mother of five children.

The eldest child of 34-year-old fashion models for 15 years, and the youngest only 9 months. The status of mothers of large families does not deprive Vodianova social life. She is as active and enterprising, willing to work without compliance with the work schedule, if it will bring someone a favor.

As you know, Vodianova is actively involved in charity work, however, she finds time for family. Children Natalia’t feel lack of mother’s attention, the education of their children lies squarely on the shoulders of the model.

Natalya says, she’s like a real parent, sometimes transcends itself and forces itself to be a strict parent because she knows that in the future it will benefit her heirs: “For children it is important to have the limits of acceptable. This is for child most important thing of all. At this age you are not able to make decisions. In principle, the parent is God, I see it like this. And if I am in this status, it is a huge responsibility. This means that I must not only give love, but also life lessons, a certain framework. And I want to have the child kept these commandments, otherwise he will be punished. This is absolutely normal. If the child has no framework, so he has no love. In the future no child tell your mother thanks for what she allowed him everything, for not calling, “Why aren’t you home yet, I told you to go back in so much.” Not called — so, you didn’t”.

We will remind, five children Natalia born from two different men. All children born abroad, however, due to the Russian-speaking mother, they know the language, so at home it sounds quite often: “When Lucas was born, I was 19 years old. I was very young, I lived in America. Talked to my son in Russian to three years. Then he stopped answering me in Russian- switched to English. And I decided that it’s easier. I worked a lot, I just wanted to be with my son easier in English means in English. And still, unfortunately, Lucas can’t switch to Russian. He understands that we have the most beautiful girls in the world — I’m constantly talking about it. This is a good incentive for learning the Russian language. But with the Neva, Viktor, Maxim, now with the Novel I speak only in Russian. Their level of Russian is much higher than that of Lucas.”