Киноманы обвиняют Леонардо ДиКаприо в путанице на «Оскаре»

Last year, Leonardo DiCaprio got his first Oscar. Hollywood actor several times was nominated for the award by the American film Institute, but only because of the movie “the Survivors”, he managed to win the competition and get your “Golden man”.

Traditionally, the winner of the “Oscar” last year, needs to announce the winners of this award this year. DiCaprio had the honor to mention the name of the actress who this year became the best.

Leo handed the envelope with the name of the winner. Revealing it, the actor said, “Emma stone,” but the envelope she was given. Having listened to the acceptance speech of his colleagues, he went backstage, where something interesting happened.

Netizens believe that DiCaprio planned the fraud with the envelope so at the end of the ceremony, there was confusion with who was the winner in the category “Best film”. Supposedly, DiCaprio specifically gave the producers of the show the envelope (where it was written “Emma stone. La-La-land”) and was hoping that no one will ever notice until the very end.

Viewers believe that the way Leo retaliated Amerikanskoi Academy for so many years every time he was given false hope.

It is worth saying that the announcement of the winner not being the nominee was indeed the most controversial moment of the evening. Blame trying to take the evening host Jimmy Kimmel, but Internet users believe that it was still Leo.

Note that the “Oscar-2017” broke the record. The ceremony this year, looked to be 4% less viewers than last year – about 30 million people.