Hugh Jackman decided to break up with his wife after 20 years of marriage

Хью Джекман решил расстаться с женой после 20 лет брака

Australian hunk Hugh Jackman more than 20 years he lived in a happy marriage with Deborrah-Lee Furness. As is known, the choice of the actor older than him by 13 years. But all the time the couple were together, they insisted that the age difference was invisible to them because they are kindred souls who with incredible power in love.

But, an argument can be in Paradise. A number of Western publications over the last few days wrote that Hugh and Deborra-Lee parted.

The reason for the breakup of the informants called life separately: Jackman and Furness spend too much time away from each other, and it certainly does not help them to maintain the relationship.

“It seems that their relationship went the spark. At the moment Hugh is eager to communicate with people much younger than himself, and Deborra, by contrast, enjoys a quiet, measured life, which usually lead women in old age. They were too different,” said the mysterious informer.

Note that the separation of the pair fell at not the easiest period of his life, Hugh. Recently the actor once again had surgery to remove a cancerous tumor on the nose. As far as we know, the press, Deborra –this time my husband was not.

The journalists decided to dot the I and contacted the representative of the actor who responsibly said that these messages – no more than a rumor, fabricated by the enemies.

But fans of such a response is representative Hugh was not satisfied. As you know, the rumors and the smoke without fire does not appear out of nowhere.