Natalia Varvina blew up the Internet a parody of beauty bloggers

Наталья Варвина взорвала Интернет пародией на бьюти-блогеров Star “Houses-2” have demonstrated a great sense of humor. Natalia Varvina amused fans video lesson on the face. The star has shown that he can sneer at himself and the girls, taking the responsibility to teach others.

      One of the most colorful member “House-2” Natalia Varvina and after he left the project, continues to excite the hearts and minds of their fans. Marvinol the microblog in Instagram signed by more than half a million people, and they sure Natalia knows, than to surprise them. It is worth noting that in the header of the profile star of “House-2” warns that her posts are addressed to people having a sense of humor.

      Recently Natalia Varvina amused subscribers a good parody of the girls who imagine themselves beauty bloggers. A young woman posted a video with himself in the lead role. On the face of Marvinol mask, radiating a metallic Shine.

      “I’m new here. have bought and see how well-chosen tone. But don’t even say something on the face caused. Just a slight glow, as if skin is lit from within,” says Natalia in the video, and then starts to spin to the tune of the song “Because it is impossible to be beautiful such”.

      Subscribers Vallinas was delighted with her subtle humor and funny shot of the movie. They were able to appreciate the idea of the stars with admiration and responded to. And someone probably learned to parody himself.

      “Nataha, laugh!”, “Well, who is dropped on itself, silver gouache?”, “Each has already tried himself in the role of blogger, including here like funny commercials”, “Natusya, you’re super!”, “Beauty is a terrible power!” “Natalie, you just fire in any form” – fun under the post Natalia Varvina its subscribers.

      We will remind that Natalia Varvina almost four years of happy marriage with Alexei Mikhailovsky. Lucky ticket: how ex-participants “Houses-2” manages to successfully marry

      Having been on the project “Dom-2” for nearly four years, she has been able to build a family, although met with the most enviable bachelors of the reality show. And, despite the fact that in the framework of the project of Varvina became the “Man of the year”, toured, recorded their songs, and even received a small role in the movie, on the seventh anniversary of the project in 2011, the beauty decided to leave the telestroke.

      However, later it turned out that Natasha did not go home, in the city of Volzhsky, Volgograd oblast, and remained in the capital to build a relationship with the producer “Houses-2” Alexei Mikhailovsky. Not only the lovers are secretly married, but still married in 2013. Celebration on this occasion took place in a posh Moscow restaurant “Turandot”.