Максим Траньков показал первое фото новорожденной дочери The young father looks so incredibly happy. Maxim Trankov and Tatyana Volosozhar became parents on February 16. A pair of Olympic Champions are happy to talk to fans about the early days of your baby’s life.

      In the family of Olympic Champions in figure skating Tatiana Volosozhar and Maxim Trankov two and a half weeks ago was a joyful event – was born their daughter Angelica. Tatiana Volosozhar and Maxim Trankov took the daughter from the hospital. PHOTO

      Athletes, who are parents ready to share their happiness with the fans and not hide from them the newborn heir. Tatiana and Maxim are happy to talk about the first days of life of the daughter. Almost simultaneously star parents, each in his microblog published a photo with a little Angelica. Maxim Trankov shared the picture, which he touchingly pressed a tiny lump to your chest, gently kissing the top of his head. On the occasion of the upcoming match “CSKA” and “Zenith” parents have dressed the daughter in the fan body, on which the inscription reads “Love, mom, dad and “Zenith”. “Dad goes to the football,” commented frame Maxim Trankov.

      “What a miracle! They just do not have the right today to win!”, “What a pretty picture! Maxim, Tanya, let your button will be the most healthy and happy!”, “With the fan “Zenith” expecting only victory”, “What are the fans – a real charm,” he touched the picture of father and daughter members of the famous figure skater.

      Tatiana Volosozhar, in turn, captured the daughter had to walk with her. However, in the photo the girl is lying in the stroller. Nevertheless, for fans of a young mother, it was important to see it. They enthusiastically responded to the post athletes and again congratulated her on the new addition to the family. “Tanya, I wish you the health of your baby, and you patience and love!”, “Yes, what good! Suns! Wonderful walks with you!”, “Tanya and Maxim, we congratulate you with the birth of a daughter! Happiness and health to your family!”, such comments under a photo of Tatiana Volosozhar from the first outing with my daughter to leave fans of the star couple.

      Recall, the successor of the skaters were born in the elite suburban hospital. Weight of the newborn amounted to 3350 g, height – 51 cm. The birth went well, and the news about the new addition in a family of athletes said their spokesman, Peter Sheksheev.