Милана Кержакова подготовилась к встрече с сыном The wife of the famous footballer wrote a moving letter to the baby that’s coming. Alexander and Milan Kerzhakova have thought through every detail for the baby to light – up a nursery room, choosing godparents and decided on the name.

      After a few weeks the wife of footballer Alexander Kerzhakov will give him an heir. The choice of the athlete Milan eagerly waiting for the moment when you see your firstborn. As it turned out, the expectant mother was fully prepared for the meeting with the baby – she thought of everything in his room, agreed with close family friends about the upcoming christening and got ready for childbirth. At the suggestion of “StarHit” Milan Kerzhakov made the first one touching letter, which in the future will decorate her family album, and the child when grows up, learns how much he waited for the parents.

      “Hi, my son! While unusual, but anxious to say the words because your father and I were waiting for you. Knowing what people actually you have a father, how lovingly he treats children, I am sure that you will pass all of his best traits. Mine, of course. In General, we are sure you will like us, because we are a very fun couple. And together the two of us turned to you, so humor and originality you just will not take. I’m incredibly anxious to see you, to hold, and, of course, I wish you were like your father, then you, handsome, you’ll certainly be attracting all the girls. I also believe that you and I have no problems – because you’re my son, and therefore you’ll grow a man independent, inquisitive and active. When you got it all settled, we’re not calmed down, did not stop flying, traveling. Did you like the sea? Soon you will see it yourself! Your appearance at the light waiting for all the relatives and especially my mom and dad – your grandma and grandpa, for them you will be the first and most loved grandchild. They already prepare for the meeting, think through the details of the celebration that we are throwing in your honor! In General, a matter of weeks – and we will meet. I hope you like the name we made up for you, a room that is prepared to close, we were asked to be your godparents, and all our family. But once in heaven, you’ve obviously chosen us because, as you know, children choose their own parents, and not Vice versa – then you will love us as we already love you, my dear.”

      Recall that future child will be for Milana’s first child. However, the charming companion of Alexander Kerzhakov has had a chance to try on the role of mother – the girl has a son of his wife from a previous relationship. Little Igor finds her birth mother, and that, in turn, gives him warmth and care. Milan Kerzhakov poses pregnant in a bikini in Mauritius