Тина Канделаки «прокололась» с неудачным фотошопом и выставила себя на посмешище
The belly of the presenter became a reason for jokes.

Tina Kandelaki with the coach

Photo: @tina_kandelaki (Instagram Tina Kandelaki)

Tina Kandelaki joined the list of stars who can not use photoshop. Today in the microblog TV stars appeared in a selfie from the gym that made her fans hysterical with laughter. Retouching photos, Kandelaki was fascinated by the process and “erased” your navel. Probably the 41-year-old Tina was anxious to boast of “steel” press. But in fact it is far from ideal, so the presenter had to resort to using photoshop.

Fans, of course, noticed the puncture and Tina have left it without comment. “Where’s the navel? The press showed up, and belly button gone… It’s all wrong?”, “Tina, can you teach how to use photoshop! Really funny photo turned out…”, “as we now understand she has a press or not? He or she just painted navel is not pleased, and she took him out?” asked fans Kandelaki.

For the sake of justice it is worth noting that Tina actually is in excellent physical shape and really did not understand why she decided to use photoshop. Kandelaki go to workout and during the week, on weekends and even on holidays. If she strictly follows the diet and does not allow himself the weakness in this matter. Sweet for her in the black list. However, as flour, and fat. And, considering her love of Georgian cuisine, it is no small thing.