Britney Spears touching congratulated the young lover with the 23rd birthday

Бритни Спирс трогательно поздравила молодого любовника с 23-м днем рождения
35-year-old singer tries to ignore the 12-year age difference with Sam Asgari.

Бритни Спирс трогательно поздравила молодого любовника с 23-м днем рождения

Britney Spears and Sam Asgari

Photo: @britneyspears Instagram Britney Spears

Britney Spears, who is madly in
in love with her boyfriend Sam Asgari, congratulated him on his personal holiday.
She placed in his microblog photo with Sam and signed it “happy birthday,
Sam, my beloved!” But Asgari, in turn, published a photo of a cute
cake topped with fruits and berries and is equipped with a ribbon with greetings,
which presented him with Britney.

Photo: @britneyspears Instagram Britney Spears

By the way, as it became clear from this inscription, the real name is not Sam Asgari and Hesam. Lover-Britney spears, who was born in Iran and has almost 10 years ago moved to America, altered his name the European way. Sam was only 23 years old, and he believes that he has all the information to make a great career. According to Asgari, he is not deprived of the acting talent, and, moreover, has an almost perfect body. Anyway, so I think many subscribers will it Instagram.

As for Britney, she is now experiencing exceptionally light strip in your life. Her affair with Asgari, who began in November of 2016, is developing rapidly. Recently, she even ventured for the first time to go with his favorite on the red carpet at the event prior to the Grammys. By the way, Sam has already managed to give Britney a positive impact. He is paid to sports almost all my free time, and, thanks to him, Spears that follows his example, is just in excellent shape. She recently shared with her fans of impressive images: one photo, the singer famously performs a handstand. And his age difference with Sam, who is younger than her 12 years, she tries not to notice.