Alexander Nosik plans to become a father

Александр Носик планирует стать отцом 45-year-old actor tested for the ability to have children. Alexander Nosik admitted that if he had a daughter is born, she will twist from it cords. The artist has invited the TV presenter Lera Kudryavtsev on the role of godmother of his first child.

      Александр Носик планирует стать отцом

      Famous actor Alexander Nosik was the guest of the next edition of “the Secret to a million.” The star of the TV series “SWAT”, “the Return of Mukhtar”, “Maroseyka,12” and the other had to answer these questions the program presenter Lera Kudryavtseva, including about why he still has no children.

      Behind 45-year-old Alexander Nosik long-term relationship with women who wanted to give birth to his heirs. Currently, the actor is happily married to his lady Olga. The pair had been together five years, but has not yet had a baby.

      “The question is – can you even have children?” – bluntly asked Nose Lera Kudryavtseva. “Can!” – assured actor. By the way, in the framework of Alexander Nosik was tested for the ability to have children, the results of which enabled him to give a positive answer to the question Kudryavtseva. According to the artist, he and his wife Olga were just starting to ripen in order to have children.

      “I was ready to Olga gave birth to a child even during our honeymoon period, and eager to fight, – said Alexander Nosik. But Olga said: wait, wait. And given the fact that I pulled her from out of town, a normal life, adaptation gone for 3-4 years. Then began a hard grinding. We fought, and were on the verge of divorce, Olga was Packed. The question then posed as follows: as if we family. Friends advised – let them give birth and then calm down. But I believe that it is impossible with the child to solve problems. And now I’m afraid of difficulties. I suppose we just have to dive… Lera, will be godmother when you give birth?”

      Lera Kudryavtseva gladly agreed. Later, the Studio came the wife of Alexander Nosik, Olga. The young woman confirmed that on children, they said at the very beginning of a relationship.

      “I have all the family doctors, and people who think rationally – voiced his position to the wife of Alexander the Spout. – If you want children, you need to provide them with comfort. And we are traveling, working, shooting… But now there are several final points that we take. New home. Move. And there are children. Sasha said, if the daughter, such a pretty, plump, it will build from it a rope”.

      Александр Носик планирует стать отцом

      In the Studio Olga Spout admitted that he wants a baby from her husband. Alexander could not stand, approached his wife and kissed her passionately. “No, this isn’t happening!” – shouted into the camera Nose. The audience responded with laughter and applause.

      The wife of the actor gave to understand that she is not ready to do IVF. But to take care of a child from the orphanage, in case it will not be their children, the young woman did not mind.

      Александр Носик планирует стать отцом“I’d be happy if Sasha from previous relationships had a son or daughter. I would be happy to love them,” said Olga.