Natalia Rudova congratulated on pregnancy

Наталью Рудову поздравили с беременностью
The actress showed off a noticeably rounded belly.

Natalia Rudova

Photo: @rudovanata Instagram Natalia Employment

Natalia Rudova led to the emergence of rumors that she will soon become a mother. In the microblog actress appeared frame where she gently holds the hands at a noticeably rounded stomach. The news of the pregnancy came as a complete surprise to her environment. After a couple of days ago Rudova showed its subscribers a perfectly flat stomach. Despite this, fans of Natalia was effusive congratulations and wishes of happiness. However, they rushed it a bit.

As it turned out, Rudova decided to play a little trick on the fans. Actually Natalia is not pregnant. During filming it is specifically “cheated” your stomach to create the impression that it is in “interesting position”.

“I am often asked how I manage to keep myself in this form … the Answer is simple — I eat!” — joked in the caption to the photo Rudova.

By the way, not so long ago Natalia openly talked about what the opinion of her figure adheres to it. It turned out that she believes her figure is far from perfect.”I’m not in perfect shape, I’m pretty average in form, as they say, to plow me and plow. I’m not saying this to all wrote that it was wrong and I’m perfect, believe me, — admitted Rudova. So, with the growth in the 173 cm I weigh 57 to 58 pounds, I have light bones. I could, and wanted to weigh a maximum of 55, but since I do sports, muscles have no, and they weigh well. So, I always limit myself in food because I get better, even when just looking at my favorite pastry. And from food depends on the quality your body!”