Анна Калашникова пострадала в результате ошибки пластического хирурга
The model told about the unsuccessful operation.

Anna Kalashnikova

Photo: @Instagram annakalash Anna Kalashnikova

Anna Kalashnikov a few days ago and went to the clinic in order to increase your bust size up to 4. Now the operation is behind us and in front of model facing a period of rehabilitation. As it turned out, the decision model to make a plastic operation was not spontaneous. She could not decide to go under the surgeon’s knife for six years. This was due to the fact that many years ago the Kalashnikov suffered another unfortunate plastic surgery.

“After an unsuccessful operation in London I never believed, not believed that I could fix my situation. In London after surgery, I was told that they could not put the implant under the muscle, and put under the iron, and took a round implant instead of anatomical. It’s all categorically did not approach me, did not fit my body type, the implant look unnatural, gave kontrolowanie in the chest area, etc. We had to carefully camouflage clothing and to choose the right swimwear…” said Anna.

Anna really happy that, after many years, still found a doctor who was able to correct the error of the previous surgeon. The next two weeks, the model will be the recovery period. “The open secret — now working on 2 songs and so I want to quickly sit down in the Studio for recording! But two weeks until I will be able vegetable, not raise hands, never to wash itself, to move sharply, not to sing too!” — has shared Anna.

By the way, if Kalashnikov wanted to increase your bust, Alena Vodonaeva not so long ago had surgery for breast reduction. TV presenter admitted that the operation was forced as she started having severe back pain.