Daughter of Michael Jackson left her boyfriend

Дочка Майкла Джексона бросила бойфренда
Paris Jackson started a new life.

Paris Jackson and Michael Snody

Photo: @parisjackson Instagram Paris Jackson

Over the past
a few months in the life of 18-year-old daughter
Michael Jackson — Paris has changed almost everything. She reconciled with her mother, Debbie Rowe, the image has changed, found a job, and
now decided to break up with her boyfriend – Michael Snody.

Michael, drummer
group Street Drum Corps, Paris began Dating at the beginning of last year,
after I broke up with my first man — Chester, Castelo admitting to
infidelity. Until recently, her affair with Michael developed quite successfully.
But, according to girlfriends, the girls, everything was fine as long as she implicitly
listen Snode, which, incidentally, almost 10 years her senior. For the sake of her boyfriend
Paris changed his style to match his friend-punk, and in all his

But a few
months ago Paris got an offer that was impossible to refuse — to become a person full of well-known brand Chanel! Of course, Paris agreed, which led to far-reaching
consequences. She immediately extremely interested in the media, and before
bypassed it to their attention. In the end, Paris appeared on the cover of Rolling stone magazine, which gave
a shockingly candid interview about his life. While preparing for a photo shoot for Chanel, Paris decided to change its image, turning from a punk — in
a glamorous beauty.

And all this
absolutely did not like Snode — because Paris was becoming more and more
independent and no longer wished to obey him. That, in fact, led
to the breakdown of relationships. Faced with a choice — to continue to be “free
application” to Michael or to start living your own life, the girl chose
last. But it was is not just. On her page there was “post” in the Buddhist style: “Attachments –
here are the roots of our suffering”. And she vylozhali photo, which threw
the symbolic “heart” in the trash. However, this picture soon
removed, as well as their joint photo with Michael taken recently in Paris…

However, sad Paris time now absolutely
no. In addition to his work for Chanel, she got
recently another one — it confirmed for role in new TV series Star, where she plays the stylish and arrogant person who labored in the role of a PR agent.