Anita Choi shocked picture without makeup

Анита Цой потрясла снимком без макияжа
The fans were impressed by the appearance of the singer.

Anita Tsoy

Photo: @Instagram anitatsoy Anita Tsoy

Anita Tsoy does not hesitate to show the fans his true colors. The singer shared a photo, which appeared without makeup. Youthful 45-year-old actress caused the admiration of her fans. It should be noted that, according to Choi, she has not yet resorted to the services of plastic surgeons. While Anita looks ten years younger than his real age.

“Very beautiful! More photos in its natural form!”, “A very real picture of a pensive beauty”, “So natural, beautiful, real” wrote Anita.

In addition to compliance with the rules of healthy eating and exercising in the gym, the singer is closely monitoring his mental balance. Perhaps harmony with each other helping Choi to survive the constant stress at work bessledno.

“How rarely we are alone with him. I feel like we have forgotten how to hear the beating of your own heart and your thoughts? We have forgotten what inner peace? We have lost in the race for survival the sensitivity, the profundity, the ability to just relax and contemplate? Of course, this picture is an allegory. But, as she accurately conveys the state of which I now write. I wonder what you think about that?” asked Anita.