Natalia Podolskaya preparing the body for summer

Наталья Подольская готовит тело к лету The singer uses innovations in the fight against obesity. Justin Bieber reminded fans that before the beginning of the hot season there is not much time, so it’s time to deal with them.

      Наталья Подольская готовит тело к лету

      Natalia Podolskaya, like any other young woman wants to Shine on the beach in the summer. Complexes about their appearance, the star had never experienced, but for her figure, she has to follow.

      “Summer is around the corner, as they say, and that means more excuses! And even thin need of muscle tone,” said the star.

      Because Podilskyi already out of the decree, she is torn between work and family, time for sports stars not so much. In order for a long time not to leave small Artemia, Natalia chose classes not in the hall, and at home. And since the singer is not short of funds, she agreed with a personal trainer who will not only come to it himself, but to bring innovative equipment that replaces a machines. By the way, this kind of fitness is very popular among the stars.

      “Coach comes home, puts on you a beautiful suit with the electrodes, and drove! The lesson lasts 20-30 minutes! I chose a course of 15 sessions. This is what I need! I will share with You the feelings and results!” – Natalya told in his microblog.

      Interestingly, Podolsky family has long been accustom to a healthy way of life. It turns out that the singer is not sitting on strict diets, the reason for her slimness – motherhood. “Eat more than before. But at the same time lose weight, because all the time on my feet, a baby requires constant attention. If before Artemy was a kitten, which was lying in the crib and sometimes “purred” now this is a man who always wants to move and communicate”, – said Natalia in an interview with reporters.

      Natalia Podolskaya promised the father-in-law to give birth to more grandchildren

      By the way, recently in the press are increasing rumors that Podolsky is expecting her second child. Star prefers the sporty style and bulk clothing dresses close-fitting. Most likely, her choice is dictated by convenience. However, fans saw a new manner of the artist to dress the possible desire to hide the interesting position. The singer also says that she dreams to give birth to heirs. It is possible that the coincidence of all these factors and put the fans on the thought that soon Podolsky and Presnyakov become parents again. Speculation erupted with such force that the singer had to defend. “Of course, that’s not true,” she said. — Nonsense…”

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