Charlie Bus requires from the creators of “Two and a half man” $40 million

Чарли Шину требует от создателей «Двух с половиной человек» $40 миллионов

While a former employee Charlie sheen Keith Fitzgerald with actor demands $ 1 million, the actor himself thinks like “knock out” compensation in the amount of 40 million with the creators of the sitcom “Two and a half men”.

Recently the controversial star said that the producers had not paid him what is due under the contract money.

Your claim in court Shin commented as follows: in his contract were agreed 100 episodes of the show, and he had to almost 200 million, but he paid not the be all and approximately 40 million owed. The producers also claim that it is not enough that the actor, during filming, they went over budget and did not achieve payback (and get it still telefuture).

Still…what kind of payback can be a speech if during the filming of the Tires showed himself not at its best. The actor has not often been for the shooting, had parties (with a group of intimate entertainment in particular), to settle their family issues, and shooting left quite a bit of time. As a result of such irresponsibility of the main actor, the Studio paid large sums for demurrage and other costs.

The media there is speculation that this lawsuit Charlie is trying to slightly improve their financial situation, which in recent years have dropped significantly. This is due to the costs of HIV treatment and payment of alimony.

Recall the shooting of “Two and a half man” was launched in 2003.

The role of Charlie Harper brought the actor award ALMA, three nominations for an Emmy award and two nominations for “Golden globe”, and in 2011 Charlie sheen was in the Guinness Book of records for “the highest income TV actor per episode” at $ 1.25 million dollars.

In the end, the services of the Bus company Warner Brothers decided to give up because of his immoral behavior, the use of illegal drugs and alcohol.

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