In the suburbs was tragically killed Andrey Maltsev

В Подмосковье трагически погиб Андрей Мальцев The actor had suffered serious injuries during a fight that occurred in one of cities of Moscow region. Law enforcement agencies have detained a suspect in the murder. Carry out investigative work.


    В Подмосковье трагически погиб Андрей Мальцев

    Russian actor Andrey Maltsev died in one of the cities in the suburbs in the night of Friday. The star of the series “Soldiers” had an argument with a visitor of one of the local cafes. The conflict began with a verbal altercation and led to a fight that occurred in the Park “Rowan Grove”. Maltsev was injured, incompatible with life.

    “During the argument the suspect struck the actor a lot of punches and kicks to the head and body. The death of the victim was caused closed cherepno-a brain trauma. Under questioning, the suspect told the investigator about all the circumstances of the incident and has given grateful evidences”, – said the investigative bodies of Russia.

    27-year-old suspect in the crime was detained by law enforcement bodies of Moscow region. It turned out that the man was previously convicted of robbery and intentional infliction of harm to health, received a suspended sentence. To the crime he confessed. He faces a prison sentence for causing grievous bodily harm resulting in death.

    Andrey Maltsev known for such series as “Soldiers”, “Fight with shadow”, “Doctor Tyrsa” and “Love as love”. In most films the actor has played in the episodes.

    By the way, in April of this year, also as a result of fighting in the Dmitrov district of Moscow region died on a bass-the guitarist of group “lube” Pavel Usanov. The doctors of the Institute named sklifosofskiy fought for the health of the musician for 17 days, had the operation of craniotomy, but to save him failed. The suspect in the crime was promptly arrested and now his case involved law enforcement agencies.

    Widow bass player “lube” spoke openly about the tragedy

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