Natalia Podolskaya is afraid of excess weight

Наталья Подольская боится лишнего веса The artist carefully watching them. According to Natalia Podolsky, because of the work she has to start the figure and the hair, as the filming and the concerts need to look perfect.

Justin Bieber impresses fans with her radiant appearance. After the birth of a child, the singer was able to regain the former figure. According to the artist, people who work on the stage, it is important to always look good. That is why she is trying to watch their weight, condition of skin and hair.

“Appearance is part of my job. So I try to keep in normal physical shape, and hair,” – said Podolski.

In recent time, the stars often discuss the issue of excess weight. Some take the position that new fashion girls plus-size will not lead to anything good, because sometimes the fullness is a sign of some human diseases.

“I don’t want to offend women who are overweight. But personally, I like to look at slim models,” said Natalia.

By the way, probably why singer reacts negatively to all the rumors about the second pregnancy. She wonders how fans look out for her rounded belly, although its shape has not changed. While the singer is not ready to have another baby. All his attention Podolsky pays little brine shrimp. However, according to the star, unlike other star mom, she didn’t try to dress your son in too expensive things.

“Basically, when we walk on the street, on the Theme of three layers of clothing. The most expensive thing we have is running shoes well-known sports company. I have, of course, attacks to buy him something, I do it, but then it’s all we lie. Fortunately I have a friend whose children were born after the Subject. That’s it, I all and re-given. Actually, I have a boy, he has a lot of things is not necessary. Now, if I were a girl, there would have to be hard!” – Natalia.

Itself Podolsky tries to behave modestly, and dress in a vivid and candid things only for appearances. That is why, as the spouse told Presnyakov “Interlocutor”, she was never molested because she did not give a reason.