Nikolaev inspired Emelyanov to the novel

Николаев вдохновил Емельянова на роман The famous singer, musician and composer flattering on the manuscript of a friend. Roman Emelianov has tried himself as a writer. The original outline he gave it to me Igor Nikolaev. Partly it depended the fate of the work.
Николаев вдохновил Емельянова на роман

Recently CEO and Board member of “European media group” presented the book “Wool, or Not so clear”. In it he tried to describe what he knows best – over 20 years of experience in the media business, the reporter saw a variety of cases, which became the basis of the novel.

In the story, the Director of a large advertising Agency Andrey Cherdantsev takes the order from the representative of the SBU in the information war on the side of Ukraine. Soon he’s approached by a representative of the FSB with the same offer. The man agrees – he needs money to flee the country and start a new happy life, but suffers from the ethical side of the issue. Andrew understands that victims of the information war can be innocent people.

For the author’s first literary work, which he presented to the public. Emelyanov admits that for several years, wrote a book about himself – described events, meetings with interesting people, and various changes in society. But then he revised his view on these sketches.

Николаев вдохновил Емельянова на роман“I was constantly rewriting, rereading – I have a changed view on the things that happened. There were moments when I realized that from an ethical point of view not the time to talk about some things. To replace the real names of fictional will work, but to write real means to break the secrecy. I realized that I can only escape in fiction. As a result of the initial work left just a few episodes, the work went quickly. Everything he wrote himself, only consulted with a literary editor who gave me many interesting ideas,” – said Emelyanov.
Николаев вдохновил Емельянова на роман

The novel addresses his book “thinking public” that possesses a sense of humor, self-irony. The author noticed that lately too many people have to take yourself too seriously and to follow the behavior of others. He also touched on the topic of world wide web, in which it is difficult to distinguish pseudoscience from falsehood.

“It is the actual thing – the book reflects what is happening with us now, the topic of the Internet. When he began to develop, it seemed that the world will become more open, accessible, nobody can hide the truth. But now it turned out that we were confused even more and sink”, – said Emelyanov.

Roman said that while working he was allowed to read passages to friends. He chose those who have artistic and literary tastes, and who will not hide the truth from him, despite friendly relations. One of the first was Igor Nikolaev.

“I was worried, but decided – if you say no, I will not take any steps. But when the book was approved, and spun, spun, – said Emelyanov. – Now that I’ve read, of course, there’s something I would correct. But you know what to do, where to grow.”

A little later, the famous musician and composer left the Network your opinion about the book. “This is a case when the manuscript is handed to you to read your friend suddenly grabs and does not let go until the last line! A dense literary language, paradoxical plot twists, the thin line between irony and sarcasm (very characteristic of the author in real life!), – in General, everything as we love!” – said Nikolaev.