“Aeroflot” has refused the claim to the wife of Andrei Arshavin

«Аэрофлот» отказался от иска к жене Андрея Аршавина The player’s wife has met the requirements put forward by the company. Previously Alice Arshavin compensate for the losses incurred by the carrier due to its fault. In this regard, the court proceedings were discontinued.
«Аэрофлот» отказался от иска к жене Андрея Аршавина

As it became known to journalists, the company “Aeroflot” has refused claims to the wife of footballer Andrei Arshavin to Alice. Krasnoselsky district court of St. Petersburg dismissed the claim.

It is noted that Alice Arshavin paid the damage inflicted to the company, estimated at 56 827 rubles 67 kopecks. About it the correspondent have informed in United a press-service of the courts of the cultural capital.

Of intent to sue the wife of a famous athlete representatives “Aeroflot” have declared in the beginning of this year. The basis for the claim was the refusal of Alice Arshavina to follow the rules of safety. The incident took place on 6 January. Then the player’s wife refused to comply with the established requirements and to meet the demands of the crew. As a result, the woman was removed from the flight. According to the version of Arshavina, she just wanted to change the baby diaper, and not staged brawl.

«Аэрофлот» отказался от иска к жене Андрея Аршавина

A few days later, Aeroflot has made an official statement in which it announced the intention to recover from a football wife incurred losses associated with repeated procedures ground handling of the aircraft.

“Because of the destructive behavior and violations of safety rules by Ms. Arshavina suffered more than a hundred passengers of the flight SU1946 from Moscow to Almaty on 6 January 2018. They were forced to wait more than half an hour. All this time they had to put up with the behavior of Mrs. Arshavina that require special attention. Putting your comfort above the interests of other passengers, Arshavin strongly delayed the preparation of the aircraft for takeoff,” – said in a statement.

The airline officials said that the flight attendant acted in accordance with the instructions. The decision of the commander of the aircraft to remove Arshavin from the flight declared lawful.

Meanwhile, another scandal in the center of which was the wife of an athlete, yet does not subside. Kazakhstan model Olga Semenova, claims to have received threats from Alice Arshavina after the Internet appeared the video, where the girl captured along with the player. The victim wrote a letter to the offender. After a while Semenova announced the first results. Law enforcement officials found no objective evidence that Arshavin has expressed the intention to kill the opponent. Kazakhstan model is going to sue Alice Arshavin