Natalia Podolskaya has denied rumors of pregnancy

Наталья Подольская опровергла слухи о беременности

Singer Natalia Podolsky, yesterday became the object of discussion in the press.

After the appearance of Natalia on the program Andrei Malakhov, members of the media talking about that soon in the family Podolskaya and Vladimir Presnyakov will have another baby.

Fans of the actress noticed her rounded tummy peeking through the dress.

Today the representative Natalia responded to speculation about her pregnancy.

“Of course, it is not true, – said the press Secretary of the singer Anna Isaeva. — Nonsense…”

And while the rumors about the interesting position of Podolsk are distributed over the Network, the artist herself is completely immersed in taking care of his 11-month-old long-awaited son Artemije.

“I try to have a Theme every minute, – says Natalia. — When you have to leave, with him are my mom and nanny. I know that now the fashion for the Filipinas, but we hired a good Russian woman. The topic of my appearance is the most violent emotions. When I go into another room and then return, his face lights up a smile, starts to laugh. Extraordinary sense to understand that mom for him – the whole world. The theme itself is very playful, light, smiling. God willing, will be the same positive person, like his parents.”

It is fair to say that recently Natalia and Vladimir said that they do not want to stop at one child, and therefore will work towards expanding their family.


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